Monday, July 20, 2009


So yesterday we go out to see some of hidden Melbourne - Melbourne Open House day, in fact. It is a great opportunity to see parts of our hidden city, and all put on for free. Although we only got to see one bit, The Seafarers' Mission on Flinders St.

Now we only got to see one thing because we got a little distracted.

By Penguins.

Yup, we walked past the Melbourne Aquarium and couldn't resist the lure of those crazy little critters. Man, they are amazing. Their feathers look like they are sewn from satin, and they are just the most amazing swimmers. Kudos to the Melbourne Aquarium, it is a fantastic facility and now that the penguins have been added it is a far more complete experience than previous.

However, the cost is extortionate. No wonder those penguins are so well dressed.

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