Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Greetings Peeps.

Okay, so my plan to achieve complete world domination via rock 'n' roll is back on track.

We have submitted an entry in SEN1116's radio "Beer-o-vision" contest, and it looks like I've just won a YEAR'S SUPPLY OF BEER!! I suggest you all tune in to SEN (1116 AM) at 4.45pm on Thursday afternoon (August 13th) to hear the song. If they don't play it I ask you all to phone up and complain.

Inspired by that rare pursuit I indulged in a little extravagance last weekend. I bought a new microphone and digital audio interface to plug into my computer and now have a FULLY FUNCTIONING home recording studio. It's AWESOME.

Thus far I have only really used it to record our rehearsals, but yesterday I was singing in the shower and came up with a new song. In days gone by this little ditty would likely have been forgotten, but I dried myself off and switched the mic on and recorded the bones of it immediately.

Soon I'll have so many songs I'll have to start shopping them.

We go into a real recording studio soon, so will likely look to play another gig in a month or so. You better all come. Oh, as an added highlight, Smiley (from the Icecream Hands, Buff Uncle, and ROOT) has agreed to play drums for us in the interim - so now you can calculate our rockingness exponentially.


Kingsley xxx

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