Friday, October 16, 2009

Amazing Story of survival.

Okay, so check this out.

This morning Dobbo, Nicole O'Connor and I go for a couple of laps of Albert Park Lake.  Whilst me doing a couple of laps of the Lake is an amazing story of survival in itself a most peculiar incident occurred.

A car traveling south along Lakeside Drive hit a seagull (it was a sickening thud - quite a hard impact) and we got to see the poor thing tumble underneath the car.  It was quite awful to watch.  The driver of the car slowed, almost to a stop, but decided (as any of us would) that there was nothing that could be done and nothing to be gained by stopping.  The following cars all took precaution enough to avoid the carcass and no one cared to stop.

I was fascinated though.  The seagull had ended up in an extremely unorthodox position.  It was kind of twisted and dropped into a sitting position.  Despite the gruesomeness of the event just witnessed, I couldn't take my eyes off the lifeless bird as it just sat there looking stupid - and dead.

"Don't look," said Dobbo, "it's dead."
"Oh that was gross," added Nicole.
"But look at the way it's just sitting there, it's almost human." added Dobbo followed with a, "No, don't look, it's terrible."

"Hang on." I said.
"Craiglet, I said 'don't look'"
"No, it just moved its head!"
"No it didn't"
"Yes it did!"
"It must have just died and its head has dropped."
"Maybe you're right... hang on IT DID IT AGAIN!"
And sure enough it had.  Now this really confused the issue.  It was okay to assume this creature was dead - nothing could be done.  But now it's moving.  GROSS.
"Who's going to do the Commando thing and go and put it out of its misery?" asked Dobbo, not really seriously considering it.
"Let's just leave it." said Nicole.
"Stop looking Craig." offered Dobbo again.

And then up it hopped.  It fell around in a couple of drunken wonky circles for a bit, but with a few shakes and twists and flaps the bird was back up and at it.  To be fair the bird did appear to be doing a brilliant impression of Fevola at the Brownlows, but it was up and about none the less.

We remain flabbergasted.

Have a great day you all.

<3 Craig

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