Thursday, February 04, 2010

Place holder.

Simon Le Bon - my Facebook Doppelganger this week.

Don't fret, Ladies, lassies, lads and gents.

I am back at school, to be sure - and that means I've been swotting madly with my casual writing time.

However I promise next Monday (Feb 8th, 2010) to bring you all up to speed with the latest stuff.

I am presented with one of my first ethical dilemmas of my blogging career.  Up until now pretty much anyone has been fair game for my rants. But the lines have now blurred. There has been plenty to raise my ire this week at "writers' boot-camp", however I fear that venting my spleen in certain subjects' direction may blow up in my face. Y'see, eventually the time will come when this blog becomes common knowledge. In fact I'm certain (because I'm such a modest and humble soul) that my blog will become THE pre-eminent blog amongst writers of my generation. I really am that farken good. But I don't need to tell you that - otherwise you wouldn't be here at all, would you. Don't argue, you know it's true.

I could, though, live without the scorn of my peers if it appears I have been too callous and harsh with my attack on those who I fell need the treatment this week.

So I am going to invite feedback from YOU, dear reader. If you want me to betray the inner sanctum and stick the boot into subjects ripe for the kicking then please comment to this post with a simple 'YEAYHE!"

If, on the other hand, you respect that telling stories can get one into serious trouble, and that I should resist (for once) the urge to rant at subjects that may become privy to my barbs thus putting me in a socially and professionally awkward position please comment to this thread with a simple "YOU CRAZY, MAN!"

The ball, for now, is in your court.




afowlerbrown said...

YEAYHE, YEAYHE, YEAYHE, you crazy man! Rant like you've never ranted before!!!

shalini akhil said...

what he said

Geezer said...

Would it be possible to start a rant or even a Facebook page on the subject of keep yer Personal Stereo's F#!%ING PERSONAL. Do not subject me to your C&*%ing Shite music; particularly on a packed tram at 07:30 !!!

QB said...

Are you taking an editing subject in your course? That last paragraph was awfully long. Much love QB xoxo

Craig D. Ising Esq said...

Hmmm... it reads to me a rather long sentence, but surely not a long paragraph.


QB said...

It was such a long sentence, it looked like a paragraph! :p