Friday, March 19, 2010

Letter to the Editor 17-3-10

Stockland Managing Director Matthew Quinn warns us that Australia is facing a housing affordability time-bomb (The Age 17/3/10). This barely a week after Lorenz Grollo offered more Rialto style high rises to solve the exact same problem. I am not surprised at each of their proposed solutions (build them smaller and pack them in), however I am amazed that the so-called lucky country continues to be left for dead in regards to development zoning and urban planning by autocracies like Singapore. For our governments to act seriously on these critical infrastructure issues there needs to be a wholesale reassessment of our views on urban sprawl. Of course this won't happen, and we will continue to have our housing 'solutions' decided by our biggest (and most profitable) developers.
Yours Sincerely.

Although you will note that it is written in a more serious and formal tone than most of my other letters - the irony being that the letter published directly underneath mine was much more like the voice I've been using previously. Damn bastards! ;)


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