Thursday, March 04, 2010

Letter to the Editor 26/02/2010

Dear Editor,

Michelle Grattan continues to stick the boots into the Rudd administration without mercy (The Age Feb 26). Ms Grattan allows Mr Rudd to accept responsibility for the failure of the Insulation Rebate Scheme on no less than three occasions in her article “I failed on insulation program, Rudd admits”.

Ms Grattan then goes on to point out “He said the program failed because shonky operators had not been picked up by the compliance measures - and he laid the blame on the Environment Department.”

Accepting responsibility does not consist of then blaming another department. Essentially Mr Rudd has just paid lip service to responsibility, just as his government continues to provide lip service to policy.

As an Age reader for over thirty years I have witnessed Ms Grattan personally savage Prime Ministers, ministers, and governments over issues of probity that pale against this government’s incompetence. Her kid-gloves approach to the incumbent government is either a sign that perhaps she is getting soft with years, or worse, that Ms Grattan now lacks the necessary cojones to be your Political Editor.

Yours Sincerely,

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