Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup Wrap

See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.

I'm still not happy.

Many this morning are lauding our 'unlucky' Socceroos after defeating Serbia this morning but I, for one, am less forgiving. This isn't just about Pim. Sure, I still think he's a fraud. I haven't seen anything from him in the last couple of years to suggest that we've come any distance than from when he took over. The same old pathetic dead wood sits alongside him on the bench (yes, I'm talking to you Greame Arnold) and the ranks of young players with the potential to form the spine of our next world cup campaign squad appears thinner than at any time previous.

The players battled hard. That's what I'm hearing this morning. Crap. Sure they tried, but battling hard is what New Zealand and North Korea should be doing. Playing the ball is what we should be doing. And we were disgraced technically by Serbia this morning. I'm not going to turn into a Craig Foster clone and spout his tactical and technical mantra, but he's got a point. Too often we gifted the ball in midfield, made sloppy passes in attack, and went to sleep in defence. Harry Kewell's red card against Ghana, for instance, was a direct result of Wilkshire (who had a good tournament by the way) and Bresciano (who was a dud this tournament) being skinned easliy on the right.

Much needs to be done to reinforce the gains we've made over the past twenty years. Getting rid of Pim should be the first step, getting rid of Arnold should be simultaneous to that, and instating ME as interim manager (at only half the pay Pim was on) should be the highest priority.

Oh, and in other news Julia Gillard has been handed the Prime Ministership of Australia. It's hard for me to complain seeing as most of you know what I think of Rudd, but Julia? PM? Good luck with that one, Australia.


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