Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eyes without a face

Many of you may have noticed that my journey towards total world domination via the blog-o-sphere continues unabated. Consequently more people than ever are visiting this site and gleaning vital (sometimes life saving) information straight outta my head. This is nice.

One of the highlights of keeping this blog is having comments from my loyal and learned readership just letting me know that some of you are still taking notice. And some of you are even almost just as smart as me. This is also nice.

Trouble is it is starting to get difficult to negotiate just who said what, as most of the comments are coming through as anonymous posts. This is not so good.

I know some people have an aversion to setting up a Google account. I don't blame you. Google is half of the world's evil. The other half of the world's evil are butchers who are unable to remove the knuckle from the tail of a bacon rasher. But that's not important right now. What is important is that it's easy as pie to comment using an Open Id from wordpress, Live Journal, Type Pad, or AIM. Failing that, and probably the simplest, easiest and safest (for all of you paranoid web users) is simply typing in a name from the drop down menu as you post a comment.

C'mon. It's not often that I ask ANYTHING of ANY OF YOU. Except you Andrew. I keep asking you for money, and you haven't yet learned how to say 'no'. That, too, is nice.

I will post again the minute anything of note happens in my life. You may be waiting some time.



Lilli boo said...

Ahhhh Craig you really are the 'Philosopher'...

Anonymous said...

You just can't help yourself can you? You just need to know dontcha? You can't STAND the not knowing! So what if we provide some silly "real" name like "John" or "Andrew"? Would that solve the mystery? Make you feel better? What's the deal after that? Would you then require a photo? Again, this could be ANYONE. Some of us don't want to come out into the light. We may be as smart as you (if not smarter) but how can we possibly compete with your star quality smouldering handsomeness? We may be twisted and toothless. Deformed and crippled. We may have hideous facial scaring, no legs and no arms and be living in a shoebox at the end of our Aunt Millicent's bed. Only to be taken out for 15 minutes each day and propped in front of a computer just to read your blog. ISN'T THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU CRAIG??? Drop down menus? Give me a break; I'm typing this with my left eyebrow.

Craig D. Ising Esq said...

Typing with left eyebrow?

Just confirming there is no end to your talent.

Whoever you are!