Thursday, August 12, 2010

I know you're reading!

This is a simple message to my classmates who are having dinner without me.

I know you are reading, and I love youse all.

Much fun. Regards.


Anonymous said...

We began with plump Tasmanian oysters, 4 each, two served simply natural, and two with a dash of mirin and some spring onion, thinly sliced. These were served with Yellowglen sparkling wine. Next, we had Drunken Prawns with a light Soy sauce. Sadly, these were slightly overcooked, but still tasty. We enjoyed these with a glass of Chardonay. The next course was a vegetable dish, with a large mushroom filled with fresh peas, bits of anchovy, a squeeze of tomato ketchup and melted cheddar. This was surprisingly effective, except for one of those dining, who abhors mushrooms, which, she says, taste of the earth. This diner scraped off the toppings and enjoyed them, and distributed bits of her mushroom to the others, who somehow finished them off. We all sipped a savignon blanc with our vegetable dish. At this point, warm Sake was served, followed by seared bits of Atlantic salmon earlier marinated then cooked in a light terriyaki sauce, served on a bed of steamed snowpeas. The warm sake flowed for some time, and was still being consumed as we finished with a blue cheese served with grapes and baked crackers... alas, the host forgot that he had planned to serve dried figs to accompany the cheese, and everyone eventually departed with that sense that somehow, for some unknown reason, there was a longing for completion - a fig or two - that would never be fulfilled. Well, maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Anonny!
Very descriptive, detailed, emotive.
That's just how I pictured it too. Pity we weren't actually invited eh?