Wednesday, September 01, 2010


What would I get for my money if I budgeted to spend $150 per month for the privilege of owning a mobile phone? Absolutely whatever I wanted. In fact, having just visited the 3 website, I discover that the largest advertised phone plan is a mere $119 per month.

But I can't afford $119 per month. I've been on a $49 cap, and only recently decided to cut that back to $20 per month. You see, I am a phone company's dream. I hardly make any calls. Really, ask my friends (if you can find any). I hardly ever call ANYONE (ask my Mum, if you can find her). I limit my calls generally to the 'where are you?' and the 'I'll see you there' variety - each call no more than a few seconds.

So imagine my surprise (and anger - yes, most definitely ANGER) when for the past two successive months I've been whacked with bills totaling $150 each. $150! Are you freakin' joking me?

There must be some mistake, methinks. So I consult my bill and it seems I am being charged almost 50c for every international TXT message I send. This is extortion, mainly because each and every one of these suckers is 'outside' my cap. So you give me $300 of free TXT for my $49, yet you charge me close on that amount for sending TXTs which (as I have read elsewhere) cost the telcos nothing. That's right. TXT messages sent across the mobile network do not cost the service provider a single cent.

And I can hear all of you Judge Judys out there saying 'did you read the contract' and 'serves you right', but is it too much to expect that there is some kind of fairness applied to these plans? I mean, seriously, if the maximum monthly cap is $119 per month, how can you justify charging Joe-poor-boy over here $150 a pop?

Also, keep in mind that these $150 charges have occurred whilst on the $49 cap. Having only last month switched to a $20 cap to save some money I'm fascinated to learn just how much extra this decision is going to end up costing me.



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