Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Art in Inverness? Take II

If you scroll down some you will notice my article from a week ago covering the Instagram PhotoGlobal exhibition being staged here on my street, Inverness. If you bother to read it you will notice that I panned it something chronic. I stand by those criticisms, but now offer an update.

I went back on Friday, and it was much better second time around.

The use of the space has become apparent, something lacking on Monday. The exhibition is organic in nature. The photographs shown on the live-feed wall by the featured 55 photographers are printed out each day and mounted on the walls around the IG:LU space. This has resulted in an exhibition that grows and changes daily. And it works. Despite each image being relatively tiny (say the size of a mobile phone screen), the growing number of prints beneath each contributor (arranged in timezone order around the space) is quite fascinating.

A couple of points from my previous post on the subject. The exhibition opens at 11am each day, not 9am as I had stated. Still, no excuse for them not being ready at 2pm when I first visited. The name IG:LU basically stands for 19 (Church Street, Inverness) Local Underground. Which is kinda misleading seeing as this underground space is on the third floor.

The exhibition ended yesterday, however both the live feed of invited contributors and the matrix of other contributors are running via the IG:LU website. In fact, I think this online version is a better way of viewing the images. Of course you don't get the sense of expanding gallery you did at the ig:lu space, but I assure you it is well worth the visit.


There, it is not often I provide an external link.

I shall write again. Perhaps today even.


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