Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mumford & Sons

Here's a list of the losers who couldn't get tickets to our gig

Many of you will already know that I am one of the unlucky thousands that queued for hours (about four of them) yet failed to secure tickets to see Mumford & Sons on their Highland Fling. So, that gig wot we missed out on is on tonight. Tonight just happens to be Shrove Tuesday, so we are visiting our friend Debs tonight to eat pancakes and sing a big F^&* You to Mumford & Sons - which will, ironically, include listening to all their music. Or is that 'listen to all of their music ironically'. Or something.

Anyway, by way of preparation I have prepared a surprise for the girls. If Debs's ukulele will stay in tune I shall perform it on that, otherwise, if there is a guitar in the house I shall perform it on that. All else failing I have rehearsed it on both my Ukulele app and Guitar app on my phone, so I will not be caught short. I was going to wait until after my debut performance to post the lyrics, however seeing as the gig is in barely a few hours I thought I'd get them online in case the local radio station (I'm looking at you, MFR) want to call me up and get me to perform it for real for a laugh.

To the tune of Little Lion Man (what else?)

Weep for yourselves our fans
You'll never make it to our gig in March
Weep for your friends as well
You said you'd get them tickets too, I laugh
Whip yourself and kick yourself and
Take the cash they gave you you've got left
And buy yourself a hundred pints and
Warm your frozen fingers off instead

Coz I got stuck at the end of the line
I slept in 'til half past nine
I should have pitched my tent in time
Shouldn't I my dear?

Shouldn't I my dear?


PS: I've still got it.

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