Thursday, February 26, 2009

60 minute man

Now I've never taken 60 minutes to do ANYTHING.

If something takes 60 minutes, fark, I'm not interested.

Until this week.

You see, the gym membership I received for Xmas is starting to pay dividends - not that you'd know it by just looking at me. I'm starting to be able to extend my workout sessions longer than probably ever before.

This culminated in me running for an hour straight without break or interruption. Mind you, it was only at 8km/h, so I only went 8km in that hour (I am a mathematical genius) but it was mindblowingly invigorating.

Actually, I killed it at 8km/h. It's barely more than walking pace, and I really had no trouble lasting the whole hour. So next week I'm upping that baby to 10km/h. Last night I did a lazy 20mins at 10km/h and it was piss easy, Bro'.

So HOORAY, I say, for the new 60 minute man!


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