Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learning Hebrew

One of the reasons, folks, that I've dusted off the ol' blog-a-roy, was at the request of Brett 'ARR'S from Auckland Town in New Zealand.

We traveled there most recently to do some sightseeing whilst kayaking (as per the above happy-snap). May I just say it was brilliant. Such stunning scenery, and such a lovely way to do it - paddling along at fine pace. Seals, rocks, rough sandy beaches, sandflys, mussels, sandflys, sunshine, sandflys, even a dolphin and, yep, you guessed it - sandflys. Bloodsucking farken sandflys.

Anyways - I just wanted to take the opportunity to publicly thank all involved, from our tour guide Brad (you've got great tits - for a doctor) to Matty McMullun who organised everything and was only too happy to drive through the winery tour (ANOTHER Sav Blanc, Sir?) to the random tourists we were coupled with and to Brett "Eddie" 'ARR'S who proved, once again, that the world can never have too many lawyers.

And just to celebrate, I'm offering the ubiquitous "Beeched is, Bru'" video on my youtube link to the right.

Choice, Cuz!

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Mitt McBradman said...

I have heard that about lawyers!
Any near death experiences on the water bru? or did you keep the kayak straight and clear of rocks?