Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Big One

Okay, so Saturday is the A-League Grand Final between the Victory and the Pissants.

Yeahye! Crazy-go-nuts.

'Cept this year is the first full year of pennant bowls we've played as a team - and we've just darn gone and gotten in the finals.

So we have to somehow make our way from Narre Freaken Warren to Telstra Dome (it doesn't become Etihad Stadium until the next day) within an hour.

UNPOSSIBLE you say? You'd be correct.


Rev said...

I can tell you from experience, when needed, you can get there. On the famous day of the 5-0 Scum drubbing, I awoke from a drunken stupor at 12.30 in guess where? Narre Warren East/Harkaway and got to OP by 1.10. Saw all 5 goals.

Kingsley Kingston said...

Oh, we'll get there.

Looks like the train from Narre will be the go. ;)