Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taking the Myki

As posted to the Herald Sun online this morning:


Oh, oops Brumby.

I'd just about completely forgotten about Myki.

Now it's in the headlines again I can't help wonder what went wrong.

Perhaps if you just don't mention it for another twelve months we really will forget about it and it will all just go away.

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Bwca said...

Myki cards went on sale in Ballarat 2 days ago. Happy little blue-clad team explaining it to bus passengers ... "Buy now and the $7 fee is waived" ... '$7 fee'? yes folks, even for Seniors.

"Buy now and travel free in the 2 weeks until the scanners are installed" ... OK!

So the next day, I show My Myki on the bus - "oh no we're not doing that says the driver.