Friday, February 27, 2009

A couple of Friday things.

As an addendum to my Southern Star Wheel post below, I rode through Bicrunga Marr this morning and lo-and-behold! They're re-erecting the traveling ferris wheel that had for so long called Melbourne home.

This was dismantled after the Southern Star opened but now it seems Melburnians just CANNOT live without a circular elevational device.

Despite the fact that there's Eureka Tower skydeck just down the road. Oh, and the Rialto observation deck.


So last night was bowls practice before our first ever finals match at Narre Warren on Saturday. Had a great roll with former St Kilda Ladies Bowls Champ Dave Sutho. Wise words indeed from the great man - I learnt a lot, and he is a great encouragement, especially seeing as I wasn't 'right on' last night.

Then I bowled as a third to Jeremy 'Jew Scarer' Frerejaques, The Curiously Handsome George Matoulis, and the irrepresible Darren DJ Bond. so I was mixing it with the big boys, that's for sure. Except I bowled like shite. Didn't put a bowl close. I was a disaster.

Does anyone remember the episode of Fantasy Island where Gary Burghoff (the Ator who played Radar O'Reilly in M*A*S*H) tries out for the LA Dodgers? He does a day of Spring Training and strikes out all the Dodger big hitters. They offer him a contract. anyway - thenext day a bunch of kids recognise him as the Dodgers' newest signing and ask him to throw batting practice for them, and these kids whack him all over the place, including a huge home run through centrefield.

It was kinda like that last night.

Except it was lawn bowls.

And we weren't on Fantasy Island.

Anyway, point of blog order. I cannot refer to your comments in my posts if you merely post as anonymous. If you could take the trouble to either use your name or alias, or at least tell me who you are in your comment, I may actually, you know, credit your words of wisdom.

Anyhoo - we're set for close on the biggest weekend of ALL TIME! Then we back it up with Golden Plains next week!

Oh Lordy!

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