Thursday, February 26, 2009

Name the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium

Okay, here's our BIG chance.

Curt is standing in my shop TELLING me to blog a competition to name the New Melbourne Rectangular Stadium. He's worried that we're going to get stuck with calling it some lame corporate name before a ball has even been kicked in anger.

We want something HARD.

We want something UNIQUE.

We want something WITTY and RELEVANT.

We want something that can be easily incorporated into chants and songs.

I kinda think it looks like a witchetty grub, but Curt has already suggested that that's shite.

Names calling it a "Dome" will likely be disregarded as (despite its geodesic design) is not actually a completed dome. So there.

So get cracking. I'll be adding the best entries to this post, so if nothing else you have the chance to see your name in all its glory right here on This Wonderful Life.

Get to it folks!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I dunno - Cloud (nine)Stadium?

AST Stadium - Australian Sports Territory... lmao

Melbourne Sports Arena (hey-MCG works)

Thats all - they're getting shitter... I like Cloud (nine) get tv dickheads to sponsor..