Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Public Transport Rant #2 in 2 days

I am not going to resort to profanity.

But it's going to take all of my self control.

So, the 8.43 (Balaclava) City Loop train from Sandringham is running 14 minutes late this morning.


That's some 6 minutes after the next train is supposed to be leaving.

So why not just say the 8.43 is CANCELLED and the 8.51 is running 6 minutes late??

Or why not do us all a favour and say that both the 8.43 AND the 8.51 have been cancelled, but as compensation we're running the 9.00 train 3 minutes EARLY???

And tell me, what is the point of running four empty trains back the other way to Sandringham unless you shunt at least one of them the other way back to the city BEFORE it gets all the way back to Sandringham? Sending four farken trains the other way ain't gonna squeeze the other trains back towards the city any faster, is it?

Message to Public Transport Central: No-one gives a flying fark about trains after 9am!! Sure the grannys and MILFs need to go shopping and run errands and get to their appointments. But they're sure as hell not going to lose their jobs by arriving more than five minutes late every second day.


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Anonymous said...

eeww another topic i could comment on given my job as a transport disadvantage policy officer! - but i wont. looks like i need a blog name though so will ok on that for the afternoon instead....loz