Monday, March 02, 2009

Close - but no cigar.

Awwww dammit.

We won our semi-final on Saturday. We did it well against the top team, and enough of us bowled well enough to earn the right to play again on Sunday in the GRAND FINAL! Our rink, once again, won by the most number of bowls on the day and won ourselves YET ANOTHER set of glasses to share. I"m going to need to rent a larger apartment soon to house all these glasses. ;)

But we just weren't good enough on the big day yesterday. A couple of rinks played well and got the points, but my rink and one other just couldn't get numbers around the head. Not to mention that their third was most probably a ring in. And that their Skip had an unfortunate habit of breaking raunchy gas most every time he approached the mat.

Most importantly, this now means that we can journey to the Golden Plains Music Festival as planned without incurring the wrath of either our teammates or lovers.


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Andrew said...

That's three glasses each for the year, last six in a row for the rock n' roll fifths!