Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gimme some MONEY!

Okay so KRudd's stimulus payment is under threat from some old codger who obviously doesn't need $900.

The Right Honorable TWAT Bryan Pape, a law lecturer and former National Party office holder thinks it is his business to bring High Court proceedings against the Federal Government to stop any more cash handouts to stimulate consumer activity in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis.

FFS! Could this man turn into "Australia's Most Hated"?

I personally think KRudd has got it WAY WRONG with these stimulus payments. I think direct spending on specific infrastructure projects is a better value added return for such large sums of money. Lining Joe Average's pocket with a lazy grand is gonna make a few people happy, ensure no child will live without a giant plasma screen TV, and make the shareholders of JB HI-FI very happy individuals.

However... just because you don't necessarily agree with a government policy, what right does an individual have to take High Court action to challenge a piece of legislation like this? I mean, DUDE, you can afford to take the Federal Government to the HIGH COURT??? Do you even know what $900 looks like to people like me? It's not a receipt. It's not a bank charge. It's not a tip that you just gave your $10,000 per night hooker.

IT'S COLD HARD CASH! The likes of which most of us don't get handed for free very often.

Now at the moment I'm not even entitled to this handout - given that I'm so lax in the "get your tax return in on time" thing. But if KRudd's stimulated me to do something it's getting my tax return done in time to get this handout.

And if Mr Bryan Pape stands in the way of me and this unearned little fill me up, he's gonna cop not only another blog entry from your's truly, but also a personally addressed letter complete with name calling, threats to his physical safety, and even an exclamation point or six!!!!!!

Mt Bryan Pape, I hereby nominate you as "Australia's Most Hated".

You absolute idiot.


zingsley zingston said...

Yes, I agree....mostly.
The only thing is, after paying a $12,000 tax bill last year (capital gains? What about all that interest I paid over 10 years?), we're not getting handed cash for free.
In fact, the KRudd is only giving me back what was mine in the first place.
It's a bit like losing a wallet with 400 bucks in it, which someone returns to you but now it only got 20 bucks in it.
Now, the more I think about it, the stimulus payment is actually the act of a low-life scumbag!!

James said...

I just googled 'Bryan Pape is an idiot' and your blog was second on the list. Nice work. hahahaha

James said...

and zingsley, you are an idiot too. Do you want 900 bucks or not?