Monday, March 23, 2009

The ULTIMATE indignity!

So a great weekend was had away this last few days.

Longish drive down to Lakes Entrance for a lovely meal with TFCN and back to Walhalla on Saturday night for dinner with my mother for her birthday.

Great times all 'round.

But there was one little hiccup. One tiny little oversight on my part that resulted in me committing the mother of all Aussie faux pas.

I left my swimming trunks in Melbourne.

Lakes Entrance was a glorious thirty something degrees, and TFCN was NOT to be denied a swim in the pristine waters of Lake Tyers Ocean Beach. I tried to just look casual and sit on the sand as if I didn't really care that it was PERFECT beach and swimming weather. There was NO WAY I was going to succumb to temptation and strip down to my BONDS* very comfy undies. Only Englishmen and small children are without the necessary self-awareness to consider entering the surf in anything less than bona-fide boardshorts or swimming trunks. Even budgie-smuggling speedos rank higher on the list of acceptable bathing attire than the horror of one's everyday undergarments.

But it was perfect out there. It wasn't even a conscious decision. I just stripped off the shirt and kicked off the shoes, and before I even realised I was unbuttoning the fly of my jeans.

Next thing I know the water is lapping at my dangly bits, and then I'm up to my neck in it - figuratively as well as literally, as I'm committing the ULTIMATE AUSSIE SIN. The undisputed ultimate indignity.

I was swimming in my jocks.

Will I ever live it down?

* BONDS underwear purchased prior to the recent PACBRANDS un-Australian scandal.


Andrew said...

What about the poor people being exposed to such an horrific scene? Were women and children seen running and screaming? Were the cops called?

Kingsley Kingston said...

Of course they were running and screaming.

And the fashion police were well on their way, I'm sure. ;)

Mitt McBradman said...

Given there is photographic evidence of you recently in socks and jandals, perhaps we should not be so surprised!
McBradman :-)

Kingsley Kingston said...

That was a dirty, rotten set-up McBradman.

IF those photos find their way into the public domain I WILL DESTROY ALL INTERWEBS!!!

Bwca said...

Despite the recent drownings there, that is a lovely little beach cove and the Waterwheel Hotel lunch is pretty good too.
But really,
swim needs should be kept in the carboot for these eventualities.