Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Delusional, or simply out of touch?

Ahhh... check out my pimpin' ride (above).

No gears, heavy as anything, but what a cool ride.

So in the papers today there's articles about Melbourne's transportation plan and that now cycling is an essential part of that plan.

Our esteemed Premier even goes on to extol the health virtues of two wheeling it in to work every day.

"(Cycling) is good for your personal health. It will get your blood pressure down, it will get your cholesterol down. It also takes pressure off the public transport system and our road system," he said.

I have taken the liberty of highlighting a selected piece of text from the Hon. Premier.

If he for one second believes that riding your bike to work will lower your blood pressure he's quite obviously mentally ill. Or just delusional.

The fact that there are car drivers out there who actually intend to do cyclists harm is enough. On top of that you have bike lanes that end for no apparent reason at just the moment in an intersection that you need them most. The lack of segregation on busy roads, coupled with poor signposting and inadequate warning systems is almost the icing on the cake.

Then, if you've ventured to stroll or ride down Swanston St lately, there are STILL buses using the street as their pick-up/drop-off zones. This is AFTER a woman was tragically killed there late last year. the promises flowed "we'll get the buses moved" however they're STILL THERE!!!

Get serious. Words are cheap Mr Premier.

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