Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The absolute bleeding edge.

The above image is taken from a recent article in The Herald Sun that highlights a bank card scam.

The fact that the article doesn't really explain what the scam is, so doesn't really protect you from it (genius) is bad enough, but what gets me is this picture.

In an age where images from the Hubble Telescope can help you count the whiskers on a gnat on the rings of Saturn - here we have a grainy image of some nefarious gangster's back.


"It's him officer!"
"Are you sure?"
"Maybe if you have him turn around for a second so that I can get a really good look at his back."

Let this be a lesson to all criminal masterminds. Watch your back.

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Bwca said...

... and in an age where the muddiest numberplate can be photographed to court-evidence standard while it is travelling at 106 kms per hour on the Geelong Road ... I wish I could say "you have to laugh" ... but I cannot.