Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tales from Mumbai.

Well, not my tales from Mumbai. I've never been. However the ever affable Loren and the good old fashioned Tim joined us for dinner last night and went through photographs of their recent journey to the sub-continent.

Wow. Spectacular place. Not sure I could handle a trip to India. the filth and the hawking and the endemic begging - it would send me completely mental. But their happy snaps were just awesome and obviously they just had an amazing time.

Speaking of amazing, TFCN whipped up what is now becoming a reliable staple for such events - Duck Ragu on Fettuccine. Gahhhhhhh... as she would say "to die for".

Oh well, that was last night. I dips me lid to Tim & Loz for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Even if they did have to get their Norf Visa's stamped at the river ;).

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Anonymous said...

Duck Ragu was the bomb and worth the north side border crossing. Sandringham line at midnight quite pleasant really. Tim and I are indeed role model northeners!
Loz x x