Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gangster Molls

Fell across this article this morning from the Brisbane Times.

It reminded me of a conversation I had just the other day regarding the Underworld (which seems to be out of control in pretty much all urban centres of Australia).

I think I've pretty much cracked the code to solving the whole trouble.

Gangsters' Molls. The Judy Morans and the Roberta Williamses and the other high class trash referred to in the above article. These women hold the key to unlocking the violence and criminal activity that has plagued our cities for too long.

Here's my drift: When a woman, a housmaker, who brings no income in to the family home goes through a divorce proceeding she is (without the existence of a pretty solid pre-nup) pretty much entitled to a 50% share of all income earned by her partner during the time off their union. And into the future should there be children involved. So how about we make these matriarchs responsible for 50% off the punishment when their man is found guilty of a criminal act?

If it's good enough for these women to profit off their husbands crimes, then it's good enough for them to cop the wrath when it goes pear shaped. and I mean losing the lot.

Can you imagine any 'good' woman allowing her degenerate bikie husband to engage in extortion and drug trafficking if there's a chance that she may be sent to the lock-up as well? Not on your life.

Most of these bikies are soft as anyway. Very tough in a gang. But I bet they're all momma's boys (and from the evidence I've seen this is hard to refute) who wouldn't stand a chance in hell of standing up to their own women.

C'mon guv'ments. You know it's the answer.


Andrew said...

Finally updated your blog! I was having 'This Wonderful Life' withdrawals, christ I've gotta get a life!!!

Oh and good idea about the 'Gangster molls'!

Mitt McBradman said...

Soft as bru! Lock them up