Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lady Ga-Ga is Crap Crap

Apparently Lady Ga-Ga's latest video clip has been deemed too raunchy for kiddie-hour Aussie TV.

I'd go one further than that.

I'd deem this song too crap for airplay - video or no video.

Seriously, this fraud is getting airplay why?

I've just wasted ten minutes of my life searching this site for the best example of this fraud's worst lyrics.

But I cannae do it. They are all atrocious. Seriously, does this slut just write down the first thing that comes into her vacuous head?

No wonder the filthy whore has to take off her clothes to get attention, as she is surely a contender for the worst songs ever written. By sheer force of volume alone she holds the mantle. Some songwriters have off days, when their best efforts miss the mark by a million miles. A guess at a musical trend that goes wrong. A tortured statement that comes up lame. But this prostitute just keeps pumping them out like a festering cyst keeps spitting pus.


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Anonymous said...

Just one more insultingly boring model for the next generation - yay... an epidemic is on our hands - thank the lord for jjj!!