Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Twits on Twitter.com

Hey, I know I'm getting old - I'm just not right on the bleeding edge like I used to be.

So I've just looked up this Twitter.com after The Age told me to.

To all you people who poo-poohed my blog because it's not on Twitter... kiss my big fat hairy white arse.

What a pile of steaming doo-doo.

I don't pretend that anyone will be interested in me posting that I've just taken a most satisfying dump, or that I'm about to eat a baguette in the sunshine. I'm sure as hell not interested in reading that you're just about to breastfeed, or return a DVD to the video store.

What I need to communicate takes more than 140 characters to express.

If you can't be bothered reading more than 140 characters you DO NOT BELONG HERE!

Go back to Twitter, you imbeciles*.

* Not talking to any of you, my friends, of course. ;)


uncle smiley said...

I agree, now I've got to go get some lunch. hasta luego

Lobotomised Former Scientist/Schoolgirl said...

OMFG 140 crctrs iz wy 2much =)

Lobotomy In Progress.. Call back later. said...

PS- Just about to get back to my enormous bottle of Finlandia. Ciaow. (that sounds a little more twitter)