Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Golden Plains

Now that the nasty business of Lawn Bowls finals is finished (spit) the Golden Plains Music Festival is bearing down rapidly upon us.

This weekend to be precise.

I can't wait, not because any of the bands particularly thrill me (in fact, I don't like music at all anymore - especially not that "young people's music") but because it (well, last year at least) is such a fabulous time amongst friends.

The convoy will set off well early on Saturday morning and wind our way down through Meredith just as the sun begins to peer over the horizon. The smell of early morning and forest fires in the air, a hot roadhouse coffee in our lap, and the anticipation of a weekend of letting down hair, getting dirty, and writing ourselves off.

One negative to the whole parade is the spectre of TOTAL FIRE BAN. This apparently includes gas stoves and butane cookers. NO FLAMES AT ALL, unless, of course, you are lighting a scoobie the size of an anaconda - with the potential fire energy to melt the polar ice caps. But that's okay, of course.

So a barbeque is out of the question. In fact the only queue will be for the food stalls who are pretty much guaranteed a captive profit - seeing as nobody else will be able to cook a single thing. Cynical? Me?

Still, better safe than sorry and all that.

My advice for punters traveling to Golden Plains this weekend? Don't talk to Carnies. Last year there was this carnie who tried to dazzle us and ingratiate himself by doing this lame arsed juggling routine he had choreographed to techno music - all very charming in a dodgy carnie way. Until we noticed all of our beers disappearing. Now our beers always disappear. That's what beers do. However Mr Carnie got caught with his grubby little juggling hands helping himself to OUR beers.


Anyway, if I see any of you there say howdy - but don't be surprised if I just look at the sky and point and say something like, "Wow, man - the stars are BREATHING!!"


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uncle smiley said...

Save yourself for the Yea Autumn Fest on the 15th of Feb. There are a number Melbourne Acts donating their time to play for those affected by the bush fires. It turns out, after the announcement of the big show at the G to raise money for the victims, most of the big names withdrew their support as playing to the victims is not as high profile as play to raise money for the victims at the G.
It's the old WIFM theory of "what's in it for me", not what can I do without thought of myself. Don't get me wrong, all these benefit gigs are great but not at the expense of those they are being held for.

sorry for creating a psuedo blog on your blog.