Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a Ruddy waste of time.

Oh man, was I bummed out that I wasn't invited to the 2020 summit?

I've got so many great ideas. And I've got such a sensitive and patient manner when discussing them, too.

I would've owned that convention. They would've just said, "Y'know? Fuck it - lets just make this guy PM now."

So imagine my distress at the latest news - the announcement of what this wankfest actually achieved. That's right folks - a big fat NUTHIN'!

Sure they resolved to throw $50MIL at the development of a Bionic Eye. Fuck this bit makes me laugh. It is an idea already under development. This massive circlejerk just sat around and said "Ooooh, that sounds like a good idea." I wonder if the name of this fap-a-thon had some subconscious influence on the retards involved. "Ooooohh, 20-20. Bionic Eyes. LOOK AT ME!!!!"


The only other major recommendation from the mutual masturbation session was that Australia become a Republic. It was pretty much a "Yep, it's time - and you're the (left-wing anti-monarchy pseudo socialist) dudes to do it." But Widdle Kevvie has run screaming a million miles an hour from this one. The wash up from this multi-million dollar pissing contest isn't even front page news.

God I hate this guy.

Let's waste millions of dollars on getting a bunch of lame braindead fucknuckles tossing simultaneously onto butchers' paper in the nation's capital and basicaly get NOT ONE SINGLE FUCKING THING out of it.

It is government of the worst kind. In fact, this tug-o-rific waste of time and money is indicative of decision making gone completely wrong. Did they actually expect anything to come of this?

I tell you what people need, Krudd. They need leadership. They need vision. They need direction. Basically people need to be told what's good for them. This is why you were elected you imbecile. Not to sit there and say "Now we're in office - hat do you want us to do?"

You sir, are a massive DUD.

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