Monday, April 20, 2009

Witness the FITNESS!!

So I've been semi-regularly going to the gym this year.

This is after last year when I did pretty much jack all for fitness except ride my bike to work.

The year before I actually ran a fun run. Oh, where did it all go wrong?

So as I mentioned, I've been going to the gym. Mainly doing treadmill work. Even ran for an hour - I've never done anything for an hour before.

So Saturday we go for a run around the Lake. Albert Park lake. 4.7kms.

I killed it.

Didn't feel like stopping. Didn't get cramp. Didn't get shin splints. Didn't spew! ;)

So now the goal is twice around the lake. I think I can do this by the end of May.

Then, who knows?

Wish me well whilst you WITNESS THE FITNESS!


Mitt McBradman said...

You will be all good to go for climbing hills and mountains in bonny Scotland soon fella! migh be slightly than Albert Park
Nice work!
yours in a double, Kayak
Mitt McBradman

Davi said...

I found an old email from AFB with a link to your blog. Click on it, happily reading, chuckling and at times laughing out loud. then it happened. I got to this one with THE PHOTO. I think my eyes are going so it takes me a while to focus and realise what I am looking at - because in the split second this is all happening I did have time to quickly hope that it was not what it was starting to look like.
I respect and will defend your right to free speech. And many of your rants I would gladly claim as my own. But THE PICTURE Craig, oh THE PICTURE. For fucks sake.
I understand that anything is possible. I understand that anything I can think of someone has probably done. It's just that I never really thought of such a thing before.
You have now created a punctuation point in my life. There will now always be before (generally happy, well adjusted, mostly relaxed) and after (generally happy, well adjusted, mostly relaxed, and scared of whats coming next) THE PICTURE.
AND I see only 1 comment so far, for an old article. Are we all so desensitised thanks to this internet thingy that we don't bat an eyelid when confronted with such alarming imagery?
I stop now. Have said my piece.
I hope you are enjoying the beer.
Tell the missus Yodhi says hello.
See you next year.