Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dick Pratt - Family Man

I read with bemusement that Richard Pratt's mistress is worried she'll get diddly from the will.


I don't know what's funnier.

a) the tributes to "family man" Pratt after his death. He had a full-time mistress and an illegitimate child to her. FFS!

b) the people turning on this woman for being a prostitute and telling her to get a job.

c) this woman having the nerve to complain given the mansion she's living in which is basically in her daughter's name.

You gotta hand it to Richard Pratt. He managed to fuck her whilst he was alive, and now he's managing to fuck her now he's dead! The man's a genius!!


Andrew said...

Jeeez, you can see why he had a mistress!!!

Lobotomised Former Scientist said...

...See why he had a mistress...??? Whaddaya mean?!!! That's a smokin' hot piece of you know what!

Mitt McBradman said...

Is that not the mistress?

Lilli boo said...

no definitely a caricature of a blow up doll! did I jsut type that?