Friday, August 14, 2009

Yesterday's Heros

Well, the dust has settled on an EPIC day.

We journeyed in to the studios of SEN Sports Radio to collect the first installment of our prize of FREE BEER FOR A YEAR. And you know what? It's a rather generous prize. We get delivered a slab a week of whatever beer they review on their beer review segment on Thursday afternoons. We're talking real gourmet gear.

So thanks, SEN - although it's not like we didn't deserve it. ;)

Go here to read about our day and to listen to our winning entry.


Andrew said...

Craig, well done to you and the crew! I'd be happy to help out with the consumption of said beer, you should save them and have a fuck off party!!!

Lilli boo said...

the song is awesome Craig you and your writing partner Stephen have done an excellent job and mind you have been duly rewarded! However, I'm with Andy -A big fuck off party does sound rather appealing ;-)