Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What has been seen CANNOT be unseen.

I received a nasty surprise this morning.

Got a message on a previous post from the Castlemain Crew. You may remember them from such weekends away as Golden Plains and... that other time... yeah... Golden Plains.

So I get a message from Dave and Yohdi (Hai Guys!) telling me that there is an image of TUBGIRL on my blog. For those of you who don't know who Tubgirl is, please DO NOT do a google search... you don't wanna know.

I am absolutely MORTIFIED that this image was linked to the image I had used (which was an innocent and amusing cartoon of a fat guy looking in the mirror and imagining himself buff). I wonder if it is possible to take out legal action? I know hotlinking is bad, m'kay, but it surely doesn't warrant the display of an image which, despite being disgusting and shocking, surely is illegal to view in pretty much every country on the planet.

But it probably goes some ways to explaining why my blog has such a following in Bendigo.


To all who were unfortunate enough to have been subjected to this abomination I am sincerely apologetic.

As for the webmaster who thinks that this is an appropriate way to discourage hotlinking - you'll get yours in hell... seriously.

Kind regards, and more (really exciting) news to follow later in the morning.


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