Friday, September 25, 2009

Travelblog v.III

Well, I was seriously interrupted, no?

Anyway, since we chatted last I've been to Glasgow for a curry, to Stirling for a wedding, to Inverness for a couple of days, to Edinburgh and the most outrageous hotel room anywhere EVA, down to Yorkshire for English breakfast, back to Glasgow and off to see Rangers v Aberdeen tomorrow.


Too much to talk about in one go, so I'll get around to the highlights at a later stage.

Off to see Matty & Erica and a few others for dinner tonight at Gamba in Glasgow  - then it's up at 5am to watch the Cats and the Sainters go at it half a world away.

Hope you're keeping well and missing me.  Yeah, right - the flood of replies and comments to my travelblog thus far has been a little underwhelming.

<3 Craig


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