Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Before I Go On...

So here I am at Heathrow.


I get to Liverpool St Station and buy a ticket to Heathrow, yeah?  So I figure most any line will connect with a train to Heathrow (if I understand the maps properly). I choose the Central Line to Holborne toget the Piccadilly line to Heathrow.

As I'm traveling along the Central Line I double check my journey plan against the map in the train.  Sure it says Holborn is on the Piccadilly Line, but it doesn't say anything about connecting to Heathrow.  It does say that Heathrow trains depart from Ealing Broadway, where the train terminates.

Who am I to argue with the advice from the map?

So I stay on the train to the end of the line.  Upon disembarking I cannot see ANY signs directing me to a Heathrow service.  So after wandering aimlessly about upand down each platform I notice a platform with "Heathrow Connect Service" information.

"Great" thinks I.  Then I read the sign fully and it indicates that the service that runs from Ealing won't allow the ticket I bought at Liverpool Street.


So I have to get on this train (which is not due for close on half an hour WHAT THE FUCK????) or else I have to travel back into London to get another line out - in which case I'll be fucking well late.  So I get on the train and the ticket girl explains that this line is a completely different company and I'llhave to buy a whole new ticket.  So I already paid £4 atVictoria Street,and now I have to pay an EXTRA £6 to go ONE FUCKING STATION????!!!  WHAT THE FUCK??!!

You've got the fucking OLYMPICS????  Good fucking luck with that you fucking imbeciles.

Oh, and kudos to Great Western (or whatever the fuck you call yourselves) - the train I was on was practically EMPTY - so fucking SUFFER you LOSERS!!!


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Mitt mcbradman said...

No transport dramas up in glasweegie tho bru!
Mitt mcbradman