Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Why howdy, y'all.

Just thought I'd get you all back up to speed.  No ranting today, just stuff.

So, I'm unemployed.  It's pretty cool actually.  Sure I wish I had money coming out of my ears so I could do stuff right, but it's proving to be a rather cathartic experience.

As you've been privy to my songs are coming out at a pretty good rate.  They seem to get just that little better one by one, so soon I hope to have enough to record a proper demo in the hope of releasing a real album.  Wouldn't that be awesome?

Lawn Bowls is going pretty well.  After a year and a bit learning the game in the fifths I've been promoted to the thirds.  We are sitting on top of the table six (or is it seven) games into the season, so it looks like we'll be playing finals again this year.  My rink has been up and down... the selectors haven't yet settled on a consistent starting lineup for me - which has been really tough.  Fortunately we've managed to roll enough good bowls down to either keep winning, or minimising our loss to the extent that we haven't hurt the overall team score.

We've been having car troubles.  My Dad (awesomely) lent us his car, but not so awesomely the brakes were SHOT.  These cost almost $700 to fix.  This after I'd recently paid over $100 to replace the battery after someone left the light on in the car.  And now guess what?  The battery suddenly finds itself dead again.  After only a matter of weeks.  FMD!!

We've been to the beach a couple of times.  The weather has been nothing short of spectacular of late, but a word of caution... DO NOT go to the section of beach just in front of Rickett's Point in Beaumaris.  Terrible beach.  If you've got real young uns maybe - it's really very shallow and safe, but other than that - eurgh!  Elwood has been the favoured destination of late.  we've gone a couple of times with my sister-in-law (of Queen Bee Allergy Free blog fame) and neice, and even with my new niece Greta.  Funny story, she's too young to comprehend that her Daddy (my twin brother) and I aren't the same person.  I've just shaved most of the hair off my head.  Greta spends the afternoon with me and my short hair only to go home to longer haired Daddy - did she scream her head off every time she looked at Daddy?  Oh the laughs.

And Monica, of course, my other niece - gets so excited at the beach with her Uncle Craiggles that she screams and squeals and just goes a bit mental.  The biggest problem I have with that is for some unknown reason she starts to call me Mr Stinky.  At the beach.  Whilst I'm playing with her in the water.  She SHOUTS it out as loud as she can, "MR STINKY, MR STINKY, MR STINKY!!!!" and everyone on the beach look over at me suspiciously like I'm some kind of kiddy fiddler.  MOST embarrassing.

I was our three year anniversary last week.  Wow.  Three years.  I'm a lucky, lucky boy.

We went to the final MTC play for the year last week as well.  "When the Rain Stops Falling".  Wow.  Seriously - WOW.  They sure saved the best 'til last.  some of what we've seen this year has been awesome (August - Osage County) and some has been, well (Poor Boy) Poor, boy.  But this just hit and hit hard.  If you get a chance go and see it.  Brilliant performances.  Great script.  No obligatory environmental or indigenous issues to be bollocked about the head with.  Just brilliant.

I've just entered another beer song competition - seeing as I'm developing a habit of winning such things.  Toohey's Extra Dry have an AWESOME competition out at the moment - however I did need to activate a new myspace account to apply.  So now I've got a myspace page for my solo stuff.

Oh, in case you're wondering - the picture atop this blog entry has not been photoshopped in any way.  It is actually a legit natural watermark I found whilst strolling along the river at Gunnerside, UK.  I thought an artist or some kids had deliberately coloured in the rock to look like a Valentines heart, but then I noticed other similar pools of water in the rocks that had the same red colouring.  This one was just an incredible fluke of narture that I did well not only to spot, but to capture on camera as well.

Anyway, for now, that is all.



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Boonga said...

Hey Mr Stinky!

you should use that photo as your first solo album cover and call it "Love is Rocky".