Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another day another song... and a new blog.

Greetings peeps.

So much has happened since I chatted to you yet - but little of it important.

First... my new song.

Second... a new blog for you to subscribe to. This isn't just one of those "LOOK AT ME ARE I GREAT" blogs (like mine). This is an important community service blog. Y'see, my niece (adorable as she is) has about million allergies. No nuts, no eggs, no dairy, no flavour... well, you'd be wrong. My sister-in-law is putting together a blog of allergy friendly recipes that are REALLY TASTY!! Go there, subscribe, and tell everyone you know.

Maybe this afternoon, but more likely tomorrow, I'll blog back in and get you all up to speed about everything else that's going on.

Until then, enjoy the song.




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