Thursday, January 21, 2010

D'oh! Dough.

So today I'm catching the train to Bendigo to cook dinner for the Mulqueens and Folwer-Browns.

What could be better to feed a growing and starving family than PIZZA!

So last night I'm making pizza dough. Let me tell you, like everything else in this world "practice makes perfect".  The first batch I made just didn't seem to be the right mix of wet and dry, and every time I dipped my hands in the water to give it extra moistness I was forced to dust a little more flour on top.  So I'm doing the mixing right next to the kitchen sink so's that I can wet my hands at will when "POP"; the whole bowl ends up in the sink.  Fortunately the dough mixture didn't sink and only received a quick shallow bath.

So I check on my little dough balls of joy this morning and, sure enough, the second lot I made have risen majestically t'ward heaven, whilst the first attempt sit their unrisen, embarrased, retarded.

I think we're having a garlic or margharita for starters; then a mushroom and thyme and garlic; a hot Mexican salami; a prosciutto rocket and parmesan; a real ham and pineapple; and to finish, a flaming banana pizza for dessert.  I was originally in charge of the whole pizza thing, but when I explained my M.O. and the pizzas I had planned to make (Aussie with an extra egg; Marinara; Capricossa etc.) somebody decided that they were too meaty and too cheesy. Now suddenly we are all eating pizzas that may appeal to homosexuals.  The Mulqueen men are more robust.  I fear they may well go out for Maccas at the sight of our gay pizzas.


afowlerbrown said...

So, how did it go? I'm betting they went to Hungry Jacks cause it's closer than Macca's!

QB said...

This recipe sucks. Much love QB xox