Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter stuff

Hi people.

Just got back from the annual camping trip to Serpentine in Victoria's northwest. Beautiful.

Went up on Wednesday (there was just a few of us there that early) and returned today (Monday) - so that's five/six days without bathing. Delightful. ;) I did swim in the gorgeous Loddon River, so I'm not completely manky.

More arrived Thursday, Friday and Saturday; and not all stayed overnight or indeed for the full trip. But everyone made for a splendid time.

Graeme and Ian, the 70+ year old twins who own the farm we stay on, were in fine form. They visited Friday and Sunday and tried their best to charm the ladies.

Anyway - the stars were amazing, the weather was perfect (save for a bit of wind on Sunday) and the goat curry (thanks Shalini) was awesome.

Thanks to Shane, Sarah and the kids for having us, and I'll be sure and post some more tales (if not from this weekend, something better) and Happy Easter to you all (not that I believe in that guff).




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