Friday, March 26, 2010

Stuff from today. Friday March 26th 2010.

Hey ya folks.

Firstly, I have some good news. Garfunkel and Oates are coming to town. Yes, yes, these are the keraaazy gals who sing songs and play guitars and ukuleles. The gorgeous Kate Micucci (pictured left) is one of those gals. They are in Melbourne for the Melbourne Comedy Festival (playing every night at the Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom, Swanston St). Not sure if I'll be able to go (things are tight, what can I say), but anyone wanting to buy me a ticket and take me along will be guaranteed an awesome night out.

I've just stuck my head outside to watch The Roulettes (Australia's crack precision flying squadron) doing laps over my apartment as part of the Australian Grand Prix celebrations. They're kinda awesome - they fly right over my head here and it's fun to watch. However, as they flew down aways I notice a truck at the end of my street. It drives off as I'm watching it, and it appears to be some kind of tree maintenance vehicle. They've got a huge mulcher on the back and the truck is full of woodchips. So I looks up and what do you know? They've chopped down the tree at the end of the street that looks like (a green) Big Bird from Sesame Street. OH THE HUMANITY!! It's gone... just... gone.

I'm supposed to be writing my novel. I'm enjoying school and doing most of the work expected of me and generally doing well, but the Novel class I'm doing (which started much later than the other subjects) has just revealed that I'm supposed to be workshopping 2500 words of my novel in order to get it ready for submission on the 5th of May. Now this is pretty exciting stuff, except that not only haven't I even begun writing my novel, I have next to no pharken clue what my novel is going to be about yet.

So I've decided to have another competition. I'm going to ask you all what my novel should be about. I know it will be almost impossible for you all to take this seriously, but if you could try to be serious for just a moment I'd really appreciate it.

Anyways, we're of on a surprise weekend tonight. this means I miss out on Monroes Bowls Classic, but what the hell. This should be better. I was forced to guess what the weekend will be, and I wasted my guess on a trip to Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. It's not that - but that would have been nice. So instead it seems it may well be a flight to Sydney tonight and dinner at one of Australia's finest restaurants. I think. I'll tell you next week what it was and how it went.

Until then, compadres.


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