Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to Basics

Hawwo everybody,

The last couple of months have been mental. I'm not going to bore you with a rundown of what's been keeping me away from blogging, 'cept to say 'I'm back'.

So I've just gotten back from a week in Perth (strange, lovely place) and am in East St Kilda for a few weeks. Got the place to myself (it's not MY place) so I'm looking forward to being able to provide you all close on daily updates for the next little bit.

The good news is that Catherine Deveny's loose tweets have gotten her sacked from The Age. Well, it's not good news if you're Catherine Deveny, but I'm going to try to get her gig. I'm going to start flash flooding the features editor with daily blog posts in the hope that they'll pay me to shut up. Well, not shut up - that's pretty much the exact opposite for what I'm hoping.

The easy target for such local blogging is, of course, public transport. I begin with my recent ode to the transit police following an incident where I failed to validate the ticket I had just purchased despite having a MYKI in my pocket also. Very frustrating.


My follow-up was going to be at a new trend in public transport in Melbourne; that of the RIDICULOUSLY SLOW TRAM DRIVER!! The last few tram journeys I've been on (the #5 & #64 routes especially) have been with the world's slowest tram drivers. There's nothing more frustrating. However, in the interests of balance and fair play, I would like to bouquet my tram driver this afternoon. A stupid, reckless woman drove her car out into the median strip on Dandenong Rd and this driver managed to avoid her certain death by judicious application of his brakes. Really, I'm not exaggerating - if he wasn't 100% on his game this lady was DEAD. D-E-A-D. It sure shook him up, so I'm tempering my 'SLOW TRAM DRIVERS CAN @#$&-OFF' with a 'THAT TRAM DRIVER JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE LADY!'

Until tomorrow (probably).


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