Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Never talk about Religion, Sex, or Politics.

Most of my closest who read this blog (I know you pretend you don't, but I know you do) will already be aware of my political leanings. I don't like to bang on about them here because it's pointless. Why alienate people by drawing them into political debate? You're just giving people an excuse to switch off.

However I am breaking that rule right here, right now.

I have just seen our illustrious treasurer, The Hon. Wayne Swan MP, front a media throng prior to the announcement of this year's federal budget. This sort of media opportunity is de rigeur in politics, but the fact that Mr Swan had Jimmy Barnes's 'Working Class Man' piped out during the proceedings is perhaps the greatest act of political kow-towing I have ever seen. Shameless. Pathetic. Disgraceful.

I won't resort to profanity, but I'm sure my readers can fill in the blanks.

_ _ _ _- _ _ _- _ _ _- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -_ _ _ _ !!

A prize awaits the first correct entry.



Anonymous said...

f@%k you you f@%c&ing C*&^!


Craig D. Ising Esq said...

If I knew who you were I'd tell you what the prize was! ;)