Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Digital Television Revolution

Photo Effects. Old TV set

Thank GAWD for the digital television revolution.

Firstly, straight up, I don't need any of you pay-TV subscribers writing in and telling me I'm a loser for not subscribing to pay-TV. Because I don't even have a home. So there. And even if I did I wouldn't subscribe to pay-TV.

Why should I pay for the home shopping network when I can't even afford to shop for groceries; two country music channels that I'll never listen to; The Seinfeld Channel (there is a Seinfeld channel, yeah?); The Hallmark Channel; what else is there?

So, YEAYHE I says when the digital revolution hit us. Was no trouble for me to buy a cheap set top box. Welcome more than twice as many channels to surf!

So why is it the other day I'm looking for something to fill the procrastinating time when Channels 7/1, 7/2 & 7/3 all have exactly the same thing on; SBS1/2/3/4 all have exactly the same thing on and Channel Ten is showing netball on their free to air service concurrent with ONEHD-1 and ONEHD-2 (one hd one and one hd two - sounds like a skipping game the girls would play at primary school)?

It's madness, I tells ya. MADNESS!!!


Until (most likely tomorrow),


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