Monday, May 24, 2010

Nothing wrong with Fergie

So now there's this ripping controversy surrounding the Dutchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, 'selling' access to the royal family.

Now Fergie has never struck me as the brightest light on the Christmas tree, but I seriously can not see anything wrong with her recent actions. And let me set the record straight, and this may surprise some of you, I've never met Sarah Ferguson. She comes across as something of a soft target, and there's little I hate more than people coming down hard on a soft target. But I've never met her, so all of my opinions regarding her have been based on a deplorable UK media perspective.

So what has she done, exactly? Well apparently she's in the habit of accepting cash money from people who want to chew the ear of her ex-husband, Bonnie Prince Andrew. There are a couple of things wrong with this picture. Firstly, things must be pretty chummy in the House of Windsor for the carrot topped Fergie to be able to set up liaisons between her EX husband and interested third parties. And secondly, wouldn't you think that Teflon Andy isn't the slightest bit complicit in the arrangements being negotiated by the mother of his children?

So there seem to be people with so much money that they would spring half a million squids for a hook up with Andy. what's that going to gain them, exactly? Surely if they're dumb and rich enough to offer such payment for such a meeting then Fergie is well within her rights to pocket whatever she can from the deal. More fool them, I say. And it strikes me as just plain odd that Sarah is copping so much flak for this when it is Andrew, if anyone, that is compromised by meeting random people for god knows what.

Get off her back, people. Some of us don't seem to be able to make our intelligence pay us a decent buck. At least Fergie seems able to profit from her stupidity. Good on her.

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