Friday, July 16, 2010

Here is a poll

Okay Peeps,

It's time to participate in my FIRST EVER POLL!

I was mucking about with the design/layout of my blog and I've had a mixed response. Sheena loves it apparently, and I can't argue with her until I get a job; yet Terry hates it because it makes some text hard to read, but he's old and losing his faculties. Sorry Terry, tell me it's not true.

So if you like the new design please click the 'cool' response button.

If you'd prefer I change it, please click on the 'junk' button to the right hand side. And I know that hundreds of you have been simply gagging to click JUNK on my posts for ages, so here's your chance. But please, if you want me to change it I'll accept suggestions. Andrew, I know you'll hate it - perhaps you and your l33t dezyne skillz could knock something up that is close to 'world's best blog' quality. You know, to match the 'world's best blog' quality of my posts.

So get voting, and get suggesting. It's not always I choose such a populist approach.



Tones said...

The new site design sucks ass.

It is awful.

Unless your objective is to deter anyone from reading anything you post. In which case, GREAT JOB WELL DONE.


Anonymous said...

Are you accepting opinions from us "eyes without a face" folk? Well, if so, I gave mine a few posts back. Something akin to that feeling of falling you experience sometimes just before you fall asleep. That's right, lots of falling and confusion. I'm with that old guy Terry on this one.
PS. Nice Pole

skidmark said...

Geez I reckon youse guys are tapped. Them clouds are grouse Craigie. Me mum reckons the one on the left looks like Darren, but I reckon it looks like me other brother Darryl. Cheers mate.

MtPleasant said...

Hey look! Craig has wood!

Anonymous said...

wood looks good

um, do I really have to type "bimbo" to get this comment to show up?

oh well