Thursday, July 08, 2010

I think I just blew it!

Good morning folks!

This morning I think I've just about blown my chances at winning the FoxFM breakfast host competition.

I went in for a chat and a bit of an audition, and generally it went really well. It was all a bit impossibly-good-looking in there at Fox. Which segues nicely to my first failure: shaving this morning. I've nicked a bit out of my chin (I know, and the haircut - I should just revert to the rough and ready caveman look that's served me so well in the past) and as I left the studio via the mirrored lift I've noticed a bit red traffic light right there on my chin. It's honking like a beacon. All those pretty young thangs must be pissing themselves laughing. So embarrassment.

Second strike was my last blog post. Who would have known they would have read it? My wondering if I wasn't more suited to something more highbrow and sedate? Way to insult your potential gravy train dude. They seemed to take in more or less good humour, but I just know if it comes down to a choice between me and some other guy who hasn't insulted them I know who they'll pick. Dang!

Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, I dropped the 'F'-bomb on air. Before I went in this morning I kept telling myself 'don't drop the 'F'-bomb, don't drop the 'F'-bomb'. Target fixation I think they call it. I'm letting myself slightly off the hook as it was within the context of a song ('F#$% You' by Garfunkle and Oates) and Matt did say 'sluts' without fear or favour.

Again, overall it was a great experience. It felt like I deserved to be there, and God dammit, I'll feel like I deserve it if I end up winning.

And in case Fox end up reading this blog post as well, Jo is so hot right now and Matt's personal hygiene is beyond reproach.

Adieu until next time... possibly even this afternoon. I'm planning a few drinks to celebrate this morning's efforts - so it might get a little blue.


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