Friday, July 09, 2010

Still in the hunt.

 Uh Oh! Marion GAWN!!

Well it seems I'm not totally out of the running to be breakfast host just yet.

It's been impossible to decide on a top three apparently, which obviously means I was the absolute stand-out and they're trying to figure out which other two monkeys they take through with me to the second round.

Not that these other guys are monkeys or anything. I'm sure they're very nice lads with ample talent. Just get outta my way to the top - that's all I'm saying.

In other news Marion has been eliminated from MasterChef. Now I'm no expert on MasterChef, but I hear people talk. And I've seen a couple of episodes. Apparently Marion is just the puppy's panties when it comes to all things kitchen related, and was close to an unbackable favourite to win the whole box and dice. Not only does she appear warm and genuine on the small screen, she can also cook - her defeat of Movida's Frank Camorra in a celebrity challenge almost unthinkable. So how is it that this wunderkind gets the boot when every episode of this show has seen n00bs with barely a clue invited back after they've already been eliminated. And those other two n00bs last week who were fighting an elimination battle only for both to survive? Don't make me laugh.

The cynic in me suggests that this is all a cleverly orchestrated ploy in order to even up the competition in order to maximise ratings for the final few weeks of the show. I'd be pretty pissed if I were Marion. I suggests she moves quickly to capitalise on her popularity and start getting her name and face on some top end food related merchandise.

You go girl.

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