Friday, December 03, 2010

Music Shop FAIL!

I'm less than two weeks away from moving to live (semi)permanently in Inverness, Scotland, UK. So it makes sense that I would do some interweb searching to find a decent music store. Wow. I seem to have come across the greatest little example of all that's wrong (or right) about modern business.

There are two music shops withing spitting distance of each other on Church St, Inverness. I'm not going to perjurise the debate by actually naming them, but this is a wonderful example of modern business dynamics.

There is one shop on this street that has a guitar tech on staff and seem only too happy to help. Now I've not visited this shop yet, but I'm willing to consider that certain like-for-like items might cost a few quid more at this place. Maybe not, but perhaps they do. But from what exists online, all signs point to 'good guys; good service'.

But place #2 is doing it wrong. Every review online (from Google maps links) SLAMS this place. Their service is shite, and I'm planning not to ever set foot in this store. Seriously, if they are as bad as the reviews say they are not even worth talking to. But you have to wonder how they remain in business. Most musos I know are web savvy introverts (ie: will spend days online searching for a deal without having to actually speak to a human being). So how can a music store continue to exist when they are so apparently rotten?

I thought I had found the answer to this. One of the music shops had a web page that wasn't. It was merely a placeholder for the domain: meaning that you couldn't even get a phone number, let alone a retail price for anything.

But then I visited the site for the other music store. Ha!

'We're hoping to have this online by... ...2007'

Are you freakin' kidding me?

Gawd I'm looking forward to moving to Inverness.


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