Monday, June 20, 2011

Sneak Preview


I didn't want to alarm you, what with posting twice on the same day, but I have got a few photos to share with you of our new house.

Yep, we are now happy homeowners. All of the official stuff is complete and it's just a matter of signing mortgage papers on Friday.

So here it is, 32 High Street, Ardersier.

The back of the house and yard with shed.

Stunning, uninterrupted and never to be built out view of the Moray Firth and Black Isle.

Perfect for teh BBQOMGZLOL!!!1!FTW!

Back of kitchen and second shed. Yes, TWO SHEDS! Stain is on neighbour's wall.

Back door.
What these photos don't show you is the lovely bare stone at the front of the house. We move in on July 28th, so if you could start sending us your travel plans early we'll try to make sure you are booked in.

Can't wait to see youse.



shalini akhil said...

yay! so exciting. mark and i are in the beginning stages (read: talking about it a lot) of planning our dream trip - to see you, then all four of us go off to iceland, where we will stay out late sampling the live music scene, drinking strong spirits and falling in love with everyone's accents. you guys in?

Craig D. Ising Esq said...

So in.